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Room Settings - Office

Room Name: VG_CC20DPinItdownload
  • CC20D - Solene Lifestyle Cabinet. Finish: Marquis. (D) Plinth Base, F08) Greek Key Face Molding, (H28) Donatello Stone Pull (Premium Hardware upcharge). (P1) Centered.
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CC20D Solene Lifestyle Cabinet
Room Name: VG_P515SPinItdownload
  • P515S - Steps Console. Finish: Barrington. Polished Stainless Steel Base.
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P515S Steps Console
Room Name: TF_9100DK_9057-BE_9065APinItdownload
  • 9100DK - Homer Desk. Finish: Shaded Slate. Hardware in Satin Brass and Black Acrylic.
  • 9057-BE - Lafayette Bench. Fabric: Hamptons Linen with optional* contrast welt in Taino Black. Finish: Shaded Slate. *Optional charges may apply.
  • 9065A - Jordan Dining Chair. Fabric: Edison Taupe with contrast welt all over in Tritt Sycamore. Nail Trim: Optional #9 Black Silver (outarms, outback and base). Finish: Hampton. *Optional charge may apply.
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9100DK Homer Desk; 9057-BE Lafayette Bench; 9065A Jordan Dining Chair
Room Name: VG_P550D_8318E_C309EGPinItdownload
  • P525H - Reynolda Chest. Cottage Blue with highlight striping in MIY Paint - Benjamin Moore Cloud White, Pristine Flat Sheen.
  • P224E - Mirage Spot Table. Finish: Dune.
  • C309EG - Holmes Etagere. Finish: Coastal Teal.
  • P209S - Ada Console Table. Finish: Boardwalk Gray.
  • 8318E - Hermes End Table. 2 shown. Finish: Coastal Avocado with shadowing. (Center). Finish: Dune with shadowing. (Bottom Right).
  • P250E - Luxor Spot Table. Finish: Coastal Teal.
  • P550D - Louis Drawer Chest. Finish: Dune with Shadowing (Shadowing no longer available). Hardware: Antique Brass.
  • P530L - Swedish Side Table. Finish: Coastal Avocado (no longer available). Bun Foot. Hardware: Antique Brass.
  • 8520M - Jory Floor Mirror. Finish: Coastal Avocado with highlight striping in Platinum.
  • P433DK - Julia Desk Vanity. Finish: Cottage Blue with highlight striping in MIY Paint - Benjamin Moore Cloud White. Hardware: Antique Brass.
  • C309EG - Holmes Etagere. Finish: Coastal Teal.
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P525H; P224E Mirage Spot Table; C309EG Holmes Etagere; P209S Ada Console Table; 8318E; P250E Luxor Spot Table; P550D Louis Drawer Chest; P530L Swedish Side Table; 8520M Jory Floor Mirror; P433DK Julia Desk Vanity; C309EG Holmes Etagere
Room Name: MW_RS_W759DK-BTPinItdownload
  • W759DK-BT Jordan Desk. Finish: Barrington with Fog Shagreen.
  • C12-CH Josephine Chair. Fabric: Trexler Dove. Finish: Espresso. Leg Ferrules in Polished Nickel.
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W759DK-BT Jordan Desk; C12-CH Josephine Chair
Room Name: TF_9504-DK_9706APinItdownload
  • 9504DK - Colgate Desk. Finish: Glossed Silver Leaf. Three Drawers. Hardware: Nickel.
  • 9706A - Ithaca Dining Arm Chair. Fabric: Visual Beach with Nuzzle Linen welt. Finish: Langdon; Blackened Silver Ring Pull (on back of chair).
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9504DK Colgate Desk; 9706A Ithaca Dining Arm Chair
Room Name: VG_K135E_GISELLE COLLAGEPinItdownload
  • K135E-WI - Giselle Spot Table. Finish: Arctic Trace.
  • K135E-LS - Giselle Spot Table. Finish: Iced Shadow.
  • K135E-LU - Giselle Spot Table. Finish: Gilded Ray.
  • K135E-GK - Giselle Spot Table. Finish: Gray Wisp.
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K135E-WI Giselle Spot Table; K135E-LS Giselle Spot Table; K135E-LU Giselle Spot Table; K135E-GK Giselle Spot Table
Room Name: VG_V995B_V995D_V995FPinItdownload
  • V995F-UH -Keenan Upholstered Chest. Fabric: Stitch Sand with optional contrast welt in Killian Stormy. Nail Trim: standard #9 in Black Silver (perimeter of doors, top and sides). Turned Legs with Ferrules in Brushed Nickel. Finish: Dove Gray.
  • V995B-UH -Keenan Upholstered Chest. Fabric: Swerve Stone. Nail Trim: standard #9 in Nickel (perimeter of doors, top and sides). Bracket Legs. Finish: Dove Gray.
  • V995D-UH -Keenan Upholstered Chest. Fabric: Lamora Coral. Nail Trim: standard #9 in Nickel (perimeter of doors, top and sides). Plinth Base. Finish: Finley.
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V995F-UH Keenan Upholstered Chest; V995B-UH Keenan Upholstered Chest; V995D-UH Keenan Upholstered Chest
Room Name: TF_9725S_9710SPinItdownload
  • 9725S - Fenton Console. Finish: Hampton.
  • 9710S - Greek Peak Side Chair. Fabric: Splash Indigo with contrast welt all over in Nuzzle Linen. Nail Trim: optional #9 Sangria Red (inback, outback and tight seat). Finish: Shaded Slate.
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9725S Fenton Console; 9710S Greek Peak Side Chair
Room Name: VG_V972B-CS_V12-CH_P224EPinItdownload
  • P224E Mirage Spot Table. Finish: Dune.
  • V12-CH Juliet Side Chair. Fabric: Jerome Castle with contrast outback panel in Jerome Chestnut; optional 2" horizontal quilting on top of tight seat and inback. Finish: Dune.
  • P209E Ada Side Table. Finish: Barrington.
  • V968S Calloway Side Chair. Fabric: Teagan Mineral. Nail Trim: #9 Stainless (outback, outarms and base). Finish: Luxe.
  • V12-CS Juliet Counter Stool. Fabric: Grayson Espresso with contrast outback panel in Vogue Seal. Finish: Dune.
  • V972B-CS Harrison Button Back Counter Stool. Fabric: Jemma Pearl. Polished Stainless Steel Frame
  • V966-CSS Avery Swivel Counter Stool. Fabric: Jude Almond. Nail Trim: #9 Black Silver (base). Finish: Sanibel. Brushed Nickel Kickplate.
  • P211CS Parsons Square Cocktail Table. Finish: Barrington
  • V968-BS Calloway Bar Stool. Fabric: Rosalie Sorrel. Nail Trim: #9 Black Silver (outarms, outback and base). Finish: Milk Paint. Brushed Nickel Kickplate.
  • P250E Luxor Spot Table. Finish: Luxe.
  • V969S Felix Side Chair. Fabric: Grayson Flax. Finish: Dune.
  • V962P-CH Skye Plain Back Chair. Fabric: Travis Dune. Metal Frame in Satin Brass Finish.
  • V12-BS Juliet Bar Stool. Fabric: Jerome Castle with contrast outback panel in Jerome Chestnut; optional 2" horizontal quilting on top of tight seat and inback. Finish: Dune.
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P224E Mirage Spot Table; V12-CH Juliet Side Chair; P209E; V968S Calloway Side Chair; V12-CS Juliet Counter Stool; V972B-CS Harrison Button Back Metal Counter Stool; V966-CSS Avery Swivel Counter Stool; P211CS Parsons Square Cocktail Table; V968-BS Calloway Bar Stool; P250E Luxor Spot Table; V969S Felix Side Chair; V962P-CH Skye Plain Back Metal Chair; V12-BS Juliet Bar Stool
Room Name: MW_RS_11PinItdownload
  • W382-BE Larkin Bench (2 Shown) Fabric: Tyndell Blue with Tenaya Champagne (Discontinued) Contrast Border.
  • W388S Town Console. Finish: Langdon on end panels. Polished Stainless Steel Top and Shelf with Inset Glass.
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W382-BE Larkin Metal Frame Bench; W388S Town Console
Room Name: VG_P267E-P271E SPOT TABLE COLLAGEPinItdownload
  • P268E - Daisy Spot Table. Finish: Daisy Bronze.
  • P269E - Albero Spot Table. Finish: Albero
  • P267E - Twiggy Spot Table. Finish: Twiggy Iron.
  • P270E - Tresse Spot Table. Finish: Tresse Iron.
  • P271E - Piedra Spot Table. Finish: Piedra.
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P268E Daisy Spot Table; P269E Albero Spot Table; P267E Twiggy Spot Table; P270E Tresse Spot Table; P271E Piedra Spot Table
Room Name: MW_W366DK_WL787S_C309EGPinItdownload
  • W366DK - Scribner Desk. Artisan Finish: Dark Embers.
  • WL787S - Hanover Button Back Side Chair. Leather: Gatsby Brown Sugar. Nail Trim: optional #9 Black Silver (around welt on inback, outback and at base). Finish: Brownstone.
  • C309EG - Holmes Etagere. Finish: Langdon. Brushed Nickel Ferrules.
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W366DK Scribner Desk; WL787S Hanover Button-Back Side Chair; C309EG Holmes Etagere
Room Name: CP_8503LC_V313-CHPinItdownload
  • 8503LC Julius Lifestyle Cabinet. Finish: Dove Gray. Hardware and Leg Ferrules in Light Pewter. Shown with drop front extension open.
  • V313-CH Greer Metal Frame Chair. Fabric: Corbin Slate.
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8503LC Julius Lifestyle Cabinet; V313-CH Greer Metal Frame Chair
Room Name: VG_V926-CH_P209SPinItdownload
  • V926-CH Dillard Metal & Acrylic Chair. Finish: Faux Bois Luxe.
  • P209S Ada Console. Finish: Barrington.
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V926-CH Dillard Metal & Acrylic Chair; P209S Ada Console Table
Room Name: MW_RS_115PinItdownload
  • W743S Phelps Dining Chair. Fabric: Triumph Steel on top inback and outback panels; remainder of chair - fabric no longer available. Nail Trim: standard #9 in Black Silver (base, top and bottom of inback and outback top section). Finish: Oiled Java.
  • W333DK-NB Scribner Desk. Finish: Neutral Burl.
  • W359EG Bradshaw Etagere. Finish: no longer available.
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W743S Phelps Side Chair; W333DK-NB Scribner Desk; W359EG Bradshaw Etagere
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