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Customer Limited Warranty: Upholstery

Product: Vanguard warrants standard catalog product for one year from the date of invoice against defects in workmanship when put to ordinary use. This warranty does not cover damage or injury caused by unreasonable or abusive use, failure to provide necessary or reasonable care, by accident, alteration, tampering or negligence.

Frames/Springs/Seat Cores: Vanguard guarantees frames, springs, and seat cushion cores for the life of the product. If those components do not perform as expected under “normal conditions,” these items will be repaired or replaced at No Charge, once our staff has determined “liability.” This service policy extends solely to the original retail customer. *Shipping charges to provide what we need to manufacture replacement cores will be the consumer’s responsibility.

Fabrics: Vanguard Furniture does not guarantee and will not assume responsibility for color fastness or the wearing qualities of any fabric. Any adjustment made will depend on the fabric manufacturer’s willingness to stand behind their product. We cannot be responsible for color variations beyond a reasonable commercial match. If an exact color match is required, a cutting of the fabric (for color and a photo for pattern match) or leather must be submitted with your order. Vanguard will not be responsible for fabric that has been treated with a stain-repellent finish by the customer. Vanguard works with fabric mills from around the world. When selecting textiles for our upholstery line, we only purchase fabrics that pass stringent industry standards. Oftentimes fabrics have inherent characteristics that are part of their uniqueness, such as color variation, slubs, or natural fiber contents. Most woven fabrics will show wear due to friction from use. Pilling, the formation of little balls of fuzz on the surface of fabric, can occur with normal use. The occurrence of pilling depends on several factors, including the type of fiber, the weave, the construction of the fabric itself, and the type of application the fabric receives. We make every effort to test for wearability and to identify fabrics that may pill excessively, however; some fabrics will pill more than others depending on their use. We cannot determine what type of application will produce pilling. In addition, we cannot control the wear our furniture will receive in the home.

COM Fabrics/COL Leather: Once a COM fabric is inspected and accepted, Vanguard assumes no responsibilities for its overall performance, flammability, durability, color fastness, or any other quality issues after upholstered on a Vanguard product. *Vanguard reserves the right to refuse any material not suitable for upholstery sent in to be used as COM (Customer’s Own Material).

Mechanisms: Reclining and sleeper mechanisms are fully guaranteed under normal use and care. We will unconditionally guarantee against any defective mechanism hardware during the useful life span of the product. This service policy extends solely to the original retail customer. First year of purchase: Vanguard will replace defective parts of inner mechanisms and pay installation costs up to $150. Within 5 Years the inner mechanism will be replaced by Vanguard, but freight and installation costs are not included. After 5 years, the inner mechanism may continue to be serviced, but Vanguard reserves the right to charge for repair or replacement of any mechanism after careful analysis of the product and problem experiences.

Customer Limited Warranty: Casegoods

Product: This Limited Warranty applies to Vanguard Furniture casegoods products that have been purchased from a factory authorized dealer and are extended to the original retail consumer as follows:

Wood and Metal Products: Wood and metal products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship when put to ordinary use for a period of one (1) year from the date of invoice.

Marble and Stone Tops: Marble and stone tops are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship when put to ordinary use for 120 days from the date of invoice. Due to the absorbent characteristics of genuine marble, Vanguard Furniture does not warrant against stains that occur as result of spills.

Glass and Mirrors: Glass and mirrors are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship when put to ordinary use for 120 days from date of invoice. Chips or scratches that occur from handling after delivery are not the responsibility of Vanguard Furniture.

The following conditions apply to this warranty except where prohibited by law:
This warranty is valid for the original purchaser from the date of invoice and warrants the product to be free of defects in material and workmanship when put to ordinary use for the length of time specified.

This warranty applies under conditions of normal residential use and does not apply to damage incurred as a result of negligence or misuse. This includes improper cleaning, exposure to chemicals and foreign substances, liquids, accidents, or for any use which the product was not intended. TRANSPORTATION AND DELIVERY DAMAGE IS EXCLUDED.

Alterations of any type to the product by the consumer will nullify the warranty entirely.

Under the terms of this limited warranty, Vanguard Furniture may either repair or replace defective items if they do not perform as expected under “normal conditions.” The determination of liability is the sole responsibility of Vanguard Furniture.

Claims against the warranty must be initially presented to the authorized dealer of the original purchase. Dated proof of purchase and delivery from the original authorized dealer is required.

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