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Luxe yet laidback in attitude, the Splendor collection is the essence of elegance evolved. Its organic chic aesthetic is inspired by nature’s ‘ah-ha’ moments—like when a winter sunset radiates a warm, golden glow across the horizon or water droplets caught by the sun cast a prism of light in the air. Splendor captures this magic with the natural brilliance and soft sheen of polished Selenite, bleached figured maple veneers and Soft Bronze metal. Its bold silhouettes are defined by a minimalist sensibility and convey elevated sophistication and trend-forward character. With its striking palette of elemental materials, Splendor embodies the exquisite beauty created when mother nature shows off just a little.


Additional Available Finishes


Polished Selenite

Bleached Figured Maple

Antique Silver Metal

Soft Bronze Metal Accents

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