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Our Strong Values

A family company rooted in family values - at Vanguard Furniture, integrity, dedication, and teamwork are among the driving forces behind our work. Our strong values keep us grounded, give us direction, and help us to build our family on a solid foundation.

Our Values Main

Vanguard [noun]: a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas. ~ Oxford Languages

At Vanguard Furniture, we take pride in our name and everything it represents. We strive to be leaders in all aspects of our business and industry – from artistic development to growing our Vanguard Family, from customer care to environmental sustainability, and everything in between. Our commitment to strong familial values and history of innovation will continue to guide us as we move into the future.


  • Integrity in work and relationships with external and internal customers
  • Responsible steward of the earth's resources
  • Teamwork and individual self-worth
  • Treat all with dignity, empathy and respect


  • Dedicated to innovation
  • Customer-driven
  • Industry leaders in fashion, reliability and responsiveness

Continuous Improvement

  • Committed to 100% first pass yield
  • Driven with uncompromising quality
  • Eliminating waste
  • Growing and developing
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