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Our Story

It all started in a modest facility with two employees and a perfect velvet chair. Today, more than 45 years later, Vanguard Furniture is still making good on its name to be at the forefront of the furniture industry — from one perfect velvet chair to endless personalized possibilities.

Vanguard Furniture, a family held company, employs over 600 associates and is currently operating out of six manufacturing buildings in Hickory, NC, a 40,000-square-foot showroom in High Point, NC, and a new manufacturing location in Hillsville, VA. Vanguard is a fashion-driven company with the goal of being the home furnishings leader in style, value and service while ultimately enriching lives through custom-crafted furniture.

Known as a people-oriented company, Vanguard nurtures a strong family atmosphere from the manufacturing floor to the office and throughout the international sales force. For a number of years, Vanguard's associates have embraced the methodology of "Lean Manufacturing" — seeking continuous improvement in all departments (even eliminating waste that customers are unwilling to pay for). As a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, Vanguard's green initiatives include recycling 95% of all post manufacturing waste — recycling paper, fabric scraps, metal, wood scrap, plastic and corrugated products. Being sustainable is as a way of life at Vanguard.

Our Mission

To be the industry's most customer-centric company, delivering unparalleled product, quality and service.

Our Values

  • 1. "Conscience-Driven"

    - Integrity in work and relationships with external and internal customers

    - Responsible steward of the earth's resources

    - Teamwork and individual self-worth

    - Treat all with dignity, empathy and respect

  • 2. "Customer-Centric"

    - Dedicated to innovation

    - Customer-driven

    - Industry leaders in fashion, reliability and responsiveness

  • 3. "Continuous Improvement"

    - Committed to 100% first pass yield

    - Driven with uncompromising quality

    - Eliminating waste

    - Growing and developing

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