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Vanguard Craftsmanship
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Base Builder
Bed Upholsterer-Trainees and Experienced
Border Sew
Border Sew
Casefitters in Casegoods
Custom Quote for Product Development
Expeditor for Upholstery
Experienced Upholstery Finishers
Experienced Bed Trimmer
Experienced CNC Machine Operator
Experienced Finisher for Casegoods
Experienced Flat work Sewers
Experienced Furniture Packer (Wrapline)
Experienced Insider/Upholsterer
Experienced Sander-Upholstery Frame Department
Experienced Upholstery Cushion Filler
Experienced Upholstery Quality Assistant Supervisor
Finish Repair
Frame Stock Puller
Gluer-will train
Human Resource Manager
Machine Operator 3
Miscellaneous Job Application
Outside Upholsterer/Trimmer
Prep in Casegoods (Assembly in Warehouse)
Quality Inspector
Sewing Trainee
Shipping Associate
Spring up Hand Tier
Upholsterer - Experienced and Trainees
Upholstery Finishing Manager
Upholstery/Trimmer Trainees
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